Crisis Response Services

You read about it in the paper and see it on the news, but you never think it's going to happen at your workplace. Workplace violence, serious accidents, sudden deaths, criminal activity and other critical events can and do impact many work settings. Hopefully it won't happen in your organization, but if it does, be assured that HelpNet can, and will, take care of you and your employees.

Our trained, experienced staff are ready to serve our client companies if tragedy strikes. We will work with you to:

  • Quickly assess the situation
  • Determine the appropriate intervention for the issue at hand
  • Provide prompt, compassionate, knowledgeable support

 Interventions may include:

  • Individual or group sessions
  • Education regarding common reactions and self-care strategies 
  • Guidance for HR and management staff regarding their role in the healing process 
  • Follow-up to assure that folks are getting back on track

 Psychological first aid for staff is imperative to helping them, and the organization as a whole, heal and move forward effectively.

Be prepared. Have HelpNet on your side when the unthinkable occurs.