Formal Management Referrals

One of the most difficult problems facing management today is dealing with an employee whose performance has fallen below expectations.  When an organization has a troubled employee, HelpNet is an important resource that can help vastly improve the situation.

Formal Management Referrals (FMRs) are an additional resource available to an organization to motivate troubled employees to seek and accept professional assistance.  Any employee presenting a documented decline in work performance, or an on-the-job incident, may be referred to the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) by the employee's immediate Manager or  Department Director in collaboration with Human Resources.

When a FMR is made to the EAP and the employee has signed an appropriate consent to release information, Human Resources can receive updates specifically related to the employee's progress.

The Formal Management Referral and Client Release Authorization forms are available by clicking on:

Formal Management Referral Forms (includes Release Authorization)

Questions pertaining to FMRs are welcomed and may be addressed to your HelpNet Account Manager, or by calling (800) 969-6162.