Job Jeopardy Case Management

Employee turnover is expensive, but what do you do with that employee whose performance has declined and isn't improving?

HelpNet's Job Jeopardy program may be the answer.

HelpNet provides you with a structured, effective strategy to give employees an opportunity to address their issues and to get back on track.

Here is a snapshot of how Job Jeopardy Case Management works:

Job Jeopardy referrals generally come from Human Resources. An EAP counselor will work with the referred employee to identify and work on any issues that may be negatively impacting his or her work behavior or performance. The employee signs a limited release of information so that the referring HR staff can receive updates specifically related to the employee's progress. The counselor recommends and/or connects the employee with any additional referrals that may help he or she reach his or her goal. The counselor functions as a Case Manager, for up to one year, to help assure that the employee has what he or she needs to get, and stay, on track. 

For some employees, the Job Jeopardy Case Management program is a career saver. And for employers, it saves the aggravation, time, and money of having to replace a once competent employee.

Don't you love win-win situations?

A description of the Job Jeopardy referral and case management process, as well as the Job Jeopardy forms, can be downloaded by clicking on Job Jeopardy Case Management Forms. Questions pertaining to Job Jeopardy referrals are welcomed and may be addressed to your assigned Account Manager.