Training & Leadership Coaching


One of the most essential elements for optimal success as an organization is the principle of growth and development. Without question, history marks the need for training on an ongoing basis for everyone. 

Click Here for a short video (1 minute; 35 seconds) of training sessions. 


One Human Resource Professional said it well when asked about why some move quickly with directives and why some take more time: “Some people need MORE.” Personal One-On-One Coaching is available for a variety of needs.

Click Here for a short video (2 minutes; 44 seconds) about HelpNet MORE.

Click Here for a short video (2 minutes; 43 seconds) about the HelpNet MORE Model; the Pyramid Overview.


One additional way to help people get on track and stay on track and sustain enthusiasm is the use of CDs, DVDs, and links to previous seminars. We have a variety of resources available to help you succeed. For more information on resources, contact Phil Hedgspeth, Corporate Trainer & Leadership Coach, at

For a look at our current DVD Collection, click HERE.  It will provide you with Outlines of Content, as well as Pricing Options.

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