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[ B.O.S.S. ]

Whether it’s a new supervisor, one that is in need of a bit more help, or one that is being positioned
for promotion, 
this training is helpful in addressing the most important essentials for team success.
This two-hour, interactive workshop provides participants with principles, skills, and methods
for accomplishing tasks and achieving the goals personally, as a team, and as an organization.

The Dynamics of Dialogue
Providing the Message; Format & Delivery
     -  considering the methods with various options for the best outcome desired
     -  constructing the content so to be easily and precisely received by listener   
Pursuing the Goal; Purpose & Outcome
     -  communicating the content in an open and honest and respectful manner
     -  concentrating on the reception of the message by the listener
Protecting the Relationship; Accountability
     -  comparing the flow and clarity of information as it relates to the mutual purpose
     -  calculating the adjustments that need to be made if dialogue is being lost
The Resolution of Conflict
Setting the Stage; Type & Placement
     -  choosing the best location and the best approach to facilitation
     -  constructing the appropriate environment and needed materials for references and helps
Stepping through the Process; Five Steps
     -  capturing the needed information in each step by questions and documentation
     -  coaching the person through explanations and ultimately the best option for choice
Securing the Finalization; Scope & Assistance
     -  calculating the best time and possible needed helps to follow through on best option
     -  casting a larger look and analysis at possible previous experiences related to this

The Engagement of Workplace Relationships
Establishing the Context & Legalities
     -  constructing a clear and concise frame of reference to boundaries and laws related to responsibilities
     -  calling attention to specific protected classes and the violations that can occur in the workplace
Enforcing the Standards & Policies
     -  conveying all the appropriate standards of measurement and policies-procedures-protocol connected
     -  concentrating and investigating any violations in a times and thorough manner
Engaging the Purposes & Expertise
     -  comparing mutual purpose and best interest to all relationships and assignments
     -  coordinating style, talent, and expertise so that it is aligned and engaged where it is needed 

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